Meeting Notes

As part of the provisions of the Local Government and Election (Wales) Act 2021 for the Community and Town Council Sector, the Council is required to make available key information as soon as reasonably practicable, within seven working days of a meeting taking place.  This information will be summarised into notes of the meeting and will contain the names of those members attending, apologies for absence, declaration of interest, and a summary of any decisions taken.  This does not apply to any decisions taken in private, or where disclosure of the information would be contrary to any enactment.

Meeting Notes Full Council 20.03.2023

Meeting Notes Full Council 20.02.2023

Meeting Notes January Full Council 16.01.2023

Meeting Notes November Full Council 21.11.2022

Meeting Notes Full Council 17.10.2022

Meeting Notes Full Council 26.09.2022

Meeting Notes Special Meeting 03.08.2022

Meeting Notes Full Council 18.07.2022

Meeting Notes Full Council 20.06.2022

Meeting Notes Special Meeting 15.06.22

Meeting Notes Special meeting 09.06.22

Meeting Notes Annual Meeting 16th May 2022

Meeting Notes April Full Council 25.04.2022